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Do you remember the last time you were having fun together and enjoying a passionate relationship?

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Remember when you first met and you would do anything for your partner, remember that warm feeling in your body they used to give you? Where did that go you may wonder?

Mark and Monica love to work with couples to bring back that excitement and fun into the relationship, reignite the passion and intimacy that was once there or even assist you in taking your relationship to a new level that you have not yet experienced together.

Sometimes we hold on to the past and can’t seem to move forward in our relationship, perhaps you feel that all you do is argue or your relationship has become a bit boring, that same old, same old?

We have certainly experienced all of the above, especially after having children and the extra pressure this can bring.

We had no idea what to do and most of the time we would blame each other, which made the situation even worse.

Mark also understands the pressure many men feel when it comes to understanding their partner, being the man, stepping up and being a great role model for the family.

Mark and Monica have been married for 20 years and have a blended family with 3 children between them. They have guided and mentored many couples to build a strong foundation for deep love, connection, passion, adventure and fun.

Understanding and willingness to try new things is sometimes all it takes to turn even the worst relationship around.

Once we learnt how to communicate with each other in a way that made us feel loved, understood and appreciated, our relationship completely turned around. We love to share with you, if this relates to you, the tools and strategies that have helped us and many other couples to bring back the spark, excitement, passion and love into our relationships. Inquire about our Couples Relationship Make-Over package today and start turning your relationship around now.


Weekly One on One Coaching & Mentoring with Mark or Monica

  • Experience a deep sense of connection, presence, fun & adventure

  • Bring back the playfulness you had when you first met

  • Build a deeper sense of trust

  • Shift from overwhelm & frustration to strategy, focus & clarity

  • A new perspective on your relationship & how to move through challenges

  • From ham sandwich intimacy to gourmet

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Monica and Mark are Mentors, Life and Relationship Coaches. They have mentored and assisted hundreds of people to shift their thinking to increase their happiness, fulfillment and confidence in all areas of their personal and professional life. They have a unique approach to sharing their trials, tribulations, vulnerabilities and adversities from divorce to drug addiction.


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